Conditions for participation/Information


  • The running time of the submitted film must not exceed 60 minutes.
  • If the submitted film contains speech, it must be either German or English, or the film must have German or English subtitles.
  • For preview, the submitted film must be of one of the following formats: VHS (PAL or NTSC), S-VHS, MiniDV, DVD or CD-ROM. The preview copy remains – except for reasonable exceptions – in the zwergWERK festival archive.
  • For screening the submitted film must be of one of the following formats: 35mm, 16mm, 8mm, BetaSP (PAL), VHS, S-VHS, MiniDV or DVD.
  • There is no legal claim for a screening of the submitted film at zwergWERK.

Additional requirements for public competition entries

  • When submitting the film the director has to be a student at the University of Oldenburg or the college of higher education (FH) Oldenburg.
  • The percentage of the submitted film’s production budget which comes from external sources (i.e. film promotion, tv stations etc.) must not exceed 50%.
  • The submitted film must not have been presented at any other film festival prior to the 4th Oldenburg Short Film Days.


  • The preview copy plus filled out entry form and a film still (photo or image file) has to be sent to zwergWERK until 03/09/2004 at the latest. The postmark’s date is essential.
  • The director will be informed via email or phone until 01/10/2004 at the latest if his or her film will be screened at zwergWERK.
  • The screening copy of an accepted film (if not the same as the preview copy) must have arrived at zwergWERK until November 15/11/2004.
  • The screening copy of film which has been shown will be sent back to the postal address (see entry form) between 22/11/2004 and 03/12/2004.

Visiting the Oldenburg Short Film Days

  • Directors of all accepted films are most welcome to visit the Oldenburg Short Film Days. Due to the low budget of the festival, we cannot offer compensation for travel expenses and accommodation. We nevertheless will help with finding accommodation.
  • The directors of all accepted films will get a guest ticket that provides full access to all events of the Oldenburg Short Film Days.

Festival DVD

  • The directors of all films that take part in the public competition agree to make their film available for inclusion on the Festival DVD free of charge. (Please remark if inapplicable.)
  • The directors of all accepted films receive a Festival DVD for free if they like. It will contain lots of information concerning the Short Film Days as well as featured films from the public competition.


  • Please contact us if there are any ambiguities. In reasonable cases of doubt we might grant exceptions from certain rules.


  • Address:
    zwergWERK c/o AStA der Universität Oldenburg
    Poststelle der Bibliothek
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  • Fax: +49-441-7982576
  • Mail: [email protected]
  • Web: www.zwergwerk.net

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